Three Things You Must Include in your Garage Door Maintenance Routine

In order to prolong the life of a garage door and to avoid any emergency situation, the complete garage door system must be checked regularly. Inspect your garage doors once a month and make sure you include the following elements in your maintenance routine.

Visual assessment

Start the inspection routine by visually examining the cables, pulleys, door springs and other moving parts of the garage door. If there are signs of potential trouble, then contact a garage door repair St Louis company to fix the problem immediately. Do not attempt DIY repairs as there is a high chance of injury.

Check for the balance of the door

Ideally, one must be able to open the garage door without too much resistance (hand operate the door by using the release mechanism of the garage door opener) and the door must be able to balance itself when left four feet above the ground. If there is a problem, then the appropriate adjustments must be made.

Perform the reversal test

The UL Laboratories have established certain important safety standards that must be met by all electric garage door openers and the reversing feature is one among them. The garage door must be able to reverse its function when countered with an obstacle and if it is unable to do so, then experts from a garage door repair St Louis company must be contacted immediately.

If one has skipped regular garage door maintenance, then one is more likely to find an issue or two with the garage doors. Always call the experts to handle these problems as the repair may involve certain hazardous functions.