Choosing the Right Commercial Garage Door

If you have been looking for the best garage door for your commercial property, there would be a few elements that should be considered. The first basic question to ask is what is the primary purpose the garage door is meant to serve. Will it be used as an access to transport goods in and out of your building or will it be a place to be used as storage? Garage doors are more than a passageway for your vehicles. Commercial overhead doors can include air ventilation, offer greater protection with insulation, and allow a better spread of light. They further come in several kinds of materials, sizes, shapes and mechanics. Some of the most popular garage doors used in Kansas City include sectional doors, roll up doors, and high performance doors.

1. Sectional doors

Among the most popular type of commercial fixture, sectional doors are lifted through various track systems including standard, high-lift, full vertical, low headroom and roof pitch. They come in both manual and automated operations and can be made of glass, wood, steel and more. Sectional doors are often the most affordable option.

2. Roll up doors

Much thinner than overhead doors, they roll up to the ceiling and would be ideal in situations where the back space doesn’t offer accommodation for setting up rails. This type of door is often the preferred choice to meet fire rated specifications. While roll ups look cleaner, they can come with a hefty price tag.

3. High performance doors

Made from highly durable vinyl sheets, they are an upgrade to roll ups and would be perfect for fast acting and frequent use. In addition to the high-speed operation, these doors are also low maintenance with the elimination of cables, wheels and springs.

It is necessary that you talk to a professional garage door service provider to know your best option.