Choosing Between a Large Double Garage Door and Two Single Doors

While designing the most suitable look for your garage, there is often the dilemma to choose between one large double door and two single doors. While there are no hard and fast rules to establish the superiority of one over the other, there are certain elements to be considered while making a choice. Read on to find out if your home needs a large double garage door or two single doors.

  • The size and purpose of the garage

The size dimensions of the garage must be matched to the purpose of the garage door. These factors together help in finalizing the choice of the door. For instance, if you wish to park 2 cars in the garage, then the minimum size requirement would be 16’ wide x 7’ tall and the St Louis garage door must be able to satisfy these measurements. 15’ wide is doable but not recommended if there is room for 16’. Some people choose to go 18’ wide and/or 8’ tall, or even taller. Two “standard” single doors should each measure a minimum of 8’ wide x 7’ tall. Due to today’s larger vehicles, many choose 9’ wide and/or 8’ tall.

  • Functional factors of the garage

People who will be parking two or more cars may prefer having two doors. Other conditions like humidity and temperature of the area you are living in must be taken into account while choosing one type of door over another. The bigger the door, the longer it will take to bring the garage temperature back to an acceptable level after it has been opened.

  • Aesthetic appeal

The appearance of the garage determines the overall aesthetics of the home and one must consider the prevailing home décor before choosing the right type of St Louis garage door.