3 Tips for Better Garage Door Safety

Properly working garage doors is not just necessary to keep your vehicles safe but also prevent any kind of accidents and injuries to people and pets accessing the space. Today, most residents and offices have turned to automatic garage doors for ease of use and better safety.

1. Regular maintenance

Depending on the frequency of door usage, it is necessary that you do regular inspections of your garage doors. It is recommended to visually inspect the operation of your door every month. If you notice something that doesn’t seem right, it is recommended to call the pros to come take a look. Every six months, it would also be great to call in a garage door repair professional to have things checked. Regular maintenance will not just help prevent accidents but will save the cost of expensive repairs while adding to the lifetime of the product.

2. Keep pets and kids away

A garage door opener might seem like a fun thing for kids but it’s never safe to let them play around with the system. Make sure that the buttons are high enough to be out of reach of kids. The same applies if you have pets in the house. They tend to be curious too. Always keep your kids and pets away from the door while in motion.

3. Leave the repairs for a professional

Sometimes, it is just wise to not try out your own hands at garage door repairs. Professionals come with dedicated tools that make work easier and safe. Also, they don’t cost much compared to the risk of injury you expose yourself to.

Lastly, keep the contact details of your garage door repair specialist handy. You never know when you face an emergency.