How to Winterize Your Garage Door

While winter is on its way out, we all know that time flies! Being prepared for any natural occurrence is the best way to stay protected and safeguard one’s belongings. There are multiple facets of a home that need attention during winter and this includes the Osage Beach garage door.  Read on to find out some simple tips for homeowners to survive the winter.

  • Check the weather stripping

Check the weather stripping on the top, bottom and on the sides of the garage door. This ensures that there is no gap between the door and the door jamb or where it meets the ground. Weather stripping of garage doors generally wear out with time and it is important to look out for any tears or gaps along the stripping. If there is no potential damage to the weather stripping then there is nothing to worry about. If an issue does arise, schedule an Osage Beach garage door repair service without delay.

  • Insulate the door

Like the weather stripping, insulation of the door may also degrade with time. Hire a professional to install insulation if required and ensure that all moving parts of the door are properly lubricated. Lack of proper lubrication is one of the main causes of garage door problems during winter.

  • Keep it clean and call an expert for any kind of repair

Before winter throws itself at you, make sure your garage door is free from grime and dirt. Visually inspect the door often to ensure that is no risk of potential trouble or damage. And importantly, do not ignore even the smallest problem as it could lead to something bigger and more troublesome.