Repair or Replace- What Would be Best for Your Garage Door?

Homeowners are often in a dilemma as whether to repair or replace their garage doors. At times, just a minor servicing would be enough while sometimes your door might need complete replacement – but you have to know the right timing. Here are some tips that will help you to understand when to repair and when to replace your garage door.

When to repair

A “heavy” feeling

Is your garage door feeling kind of “heavy”? Don’t worry; it’s because of the door springs simply losing their tension which can be replaced by a certified garage door repair company. Choose a garage door repair company like Renner Garage Door that offers high quality replacement parts for most brands of garage doors.

Damaged panel

Do you have a damaged panel? Yes, one damaged panel may affect the operation but you may not need to replace the entire door. A reliable garage door service company such as Renner would generally suggest only the replacement of the damaged panel.

When to replace?

Serious widespread damage

If the door shows widespread and serious damage such as warping, cracking, splintering or chipping, you might need the replacement of the entire door.

Multiple broken components

If your door is showing broken cables, springs and hinges, please be wise enough to replace your door by an experienced garage door service company like Renner, with 60+ years of experience.

Old age

Usually a garage door can last for up to 20-30 years. It is recommended that anything older than 30 years should be replaced for the security of your own car.