Winter Care Tips for Your Garage Door

As the winter sets in, garage doors in Springfield need some extra care and attention. Before it is too late, glance through the following tips to take care of the largest moving object in your home during the cold weather.

Arrange for an inspection

Look for a reliable garage door installation, service and repair company to have the garage doors inspected thoroughly before the onset of winter. Experienced professionals will identify potential troubles and will offer the most conducive solutions. If there are any pending garage door repair Springfield services, do not procrastinate.

Make no way for the heat to escape

To ensure that the door is sealed properly and there are no gaps for the heat to escape, conduct a simple test. Stay inside the garage and switch off all lights. The gaps in the door allow light to pass through them thus making it easy for the owner to identify the potential sources for the heat to escape. Corrective action must be taken immediately and all missing seals must be replaced.

Check all the moving parts

No one wants to be stuck with a non-functional garage door when the mercury is dipping low. Visually inspect to ensure all the moving parts of the garage door are in proper condition and use a garage door lubricant in accordance with the instructions to extend the life of the system.

Right time to get the insulation

Insulated garage doors offer multiple advantages like trapping the warmth, and lowering the energy costs. It is a great idea to hire the right garage door services company to complete the task before the start of winter.