Three common materials to consider for your new garage door

Springfield garage doors in homes and commercial buildings are a safe option to lock away less-used, yet high-valued machinery and equipment. Nevertheless, they also enhance the curb appeal and impact the resale value of a building considerably. While choosing to install a new garage door or replacing the existing one, building owners must primarily decide upon the constituent material of the doors. Read on to find the pros and cons of the three most common garage door materials used today.


Steel has its own charm and is very easy to maintain. Steel garage doors come with many design options and can last for a long time. On the downside, steel can rust over time and is not completely dent-free.

Custom Wood

Wood is generally considered the most aesthetically appealing choice when it comes to choosing the constituent material for garage doors in Springfield. Wooden garage doors fall on the expensive side of the spectrum and take a considerable amount of effort and cost to be maintained in the long run. However, they can be easily customized, are dent-free and do not rust.

Aluminum Full-view

Aluminum Full-view garage doors come is a wide price range and the more expensive ones come with heavy-duty frames and are very sturdy. The biggest drawback of aluminum full-view is that they are not necessarily known for their energy efficiency. People with contemporary styled homes are generally drawn to this type of door.