A Sneak Peek into Various Kinds of Commercial Overhead Doors

Your commercial establishment calls for sturdy overhead doors to protect your assets within your place of business. Interestingly, there are different kinds of commercial overhead doors to choose from depending on your needs and setting. The post below offers a sneak-peek into the various popular options in commercial overhead doors as offered by leading garage door companies like Renner Supply Company.

Sectional doors

The sectional commercial overhead doors are manufactured from sturdy steel-panels backed by internal insulation that assures good sound reduction & thermal isolation. You will have the option to choose from a versatile range of panel profiles, metal gauges, hardware, glazing & track styles. The sectional doors are preferred for the ease of getting in & out as promised by them.

Security shutters

The shutter doors are also popular among commercial overhead doors. If your commercial establishment needs high-level security without compromising on aesthetics, these security shutters would be just the thing you need. These are made from robust interlocked aluminum slats and are greatly in use for liquor stores, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.

Glass doors

Glass commercial overhead doors are great when your outlet needs a good proportion of light transmission as well as easy visual access. Many times, you will have them as steel sectional commercial doors centered with glass panels.

Rolling doors

The rolling doors come with interlocked aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized steel slats. They work wonders for tight back-space situations.