Checklist: 5 Points to Consider before Hiring a Garage Door Technician

Garage doors are a valuable possession for every home, so no homeowner would risk damaging it by letting amateurs handle it. While it is not easy to discover a good technician, these 5 points will suffice to help you hire one who can handle the garage door repairs.

  1. Reputation: Ask your friends, family and neighbors about the company and how they have done business with them. Enquire if their experience was pleasant and hassle free. Visit their website and look for customer reviews and testimonials.
  1. Accreditation: If the technician is a member of any professional association such as IDA or Better Business Bureau (BBB), it should mean they are likely authentic and trustworthy. If they are listed in popular websites that review the professionalism of the company, it is better to deal with them.
  1. Repair and Replacement: Do they offer repair and replacement of garage doors? If all they do is repair and can’t offer replacement as an option, then you should be concerned. Sometimes the cost of a repair versus a replacement can be minimal and offer a longer warranty.
  1. Experience: Experience molds a technician to be a better professional, therefore choose a service that has years of experience in installing and repairing garage doors. Enquire if they are experienced enough in identifying solutions to problems of any scale.
  1. Insurance: Garage door repair services must be insured and bonded to be secure from liabilities. The technician would be held accountable for damages caused during the service.

First impressions do count! The best thing you could do is visit the company in person and analyze the kind of garage door repair services offered by them. Don’t hesitate to ask questions because that’s how you establish a relationship with them.