A Helpful Guide to Minimize the Noise of your Garage Doors

What’s more annoying than your garage doors making squeaky noises? This can be even more frustrating when you hear them at night. So what can you do to make your garage doors as noiseless as possible? This helpful guide gives you a better understanding about these unpleasant noises in garage doors and the ways in which you can prevent them.

Factors that Contribute to Noise & its Solutions

  1. Garage doors make noise when the rollers in it start to wear out. To rectify this problem, opt for quieter rollers made with ball bearings. These are commonly available with nylon or steel rollers.
  2. Chain-drive door openers are very noisy relative to belt-drive openers. The latter would be a good choice if you’re planning to live in your current home for a while or have a room above the garage.
  3. As the house settles, the tracks can move out of ailment creating more strain, and therefore noise when in motion. This can happen over time and should be looked at by a garage door professional.

What more can you do to reduce the noise?

  1. When the doors are closed, take a look at the parts to see if they are broken, worn or loose.
  2. Use a small amount of a lithium-based lubricant on the hinges, rollers and spring system.
  3. Don’t forget to refer to the garage door manufacturer’s maintenance guide.

Hire a Technician:

Hire an experienced garage door specialist who knows how to rectify the problem. Some of them also provide annual maintenance programs to tune up the performance of the garage door systems.

The best you could do is to hire a garage door technician as stated above. They can analyze and discover the underlying problem & deliver the right solution.