Stay Safe: Prevent Break-ins with these Garage Door Security Tips

It has been said that garage doors have become a common target for thieves to break-in. As the most ideal entry point by such fraudsters, it is a great responsibility to keep garage doors secure. Here are 5 tips to add that extra layer of safety to your garage doors.

  1. Never leave the garage door remote visible in your vehicle. If someone breaks into your car and grabs the remote, they can gain access to your home easily.
  1. Rather than using the remote that is clipped to the visor, you can go for a keychain remote opener as a different option.
  1. Ensure that the garage doors you install is very sturdy and is made of strong materials such as reinforced steel or solid-core wood, which is hard for thieves to break-in. Installing an anti-kick device on your doors also brings in extra protection.
  1. Never leave your garage doors open when it’s not necessary. That’s one of the most unsafe practices to follow. Regardless of how safe you think your neighborhood is, don’t give the opportunity for others to peep into your garage by leaving them open.
  1. Don’t forget to regularly maintain your garage doors. Check for faults, see if any of the parts require maintenance and keep tabs on corrosion. Keeping your garage doors in top shape is one of the best ways to make them secure and keep intruders out.

Never neglect these basic security tips to keep your garage doors safe. Securing your garage door is one of the best ways to keep your home safe. If you’ve got your own ideas in securing garage doors, let us know!