4 Ways to Make Your Garage Doors Energy Efficient

Residents are always on the lookout for cost-cutting measures to lower their monthly expenses. Do you know that making your garage doors energy efficient can rope in huge savings? If you’re desperate to know what that means, go ahead and read these tips.

  1. Insulation: It is mostly difficult to contain the temperatures within the garage at comfortable rates, so we tend to use our heating appliances that shoot up energy expenses. Your first step here is to simply ensure you have an insulated garage and insulated garage doors.
  2. Proper Sealing: From inside the garage, look for daylight coming from around or under the garage door. If light is making its way in, you may need to replace applicable weather stripping.
  3. Lighting: One of the best ways to save energy is to look for energy efficient lighting options. Replace the old incandescent lights and use LEDs that give more illumination for less.
  4. Keep the Doors Closed: Garage doors are well insulated, however keep your doors closed at most times. When garage doors are opened, lots of air gets inside the garage only to interfere with the temperature inside it. Keeping them closed can help you save big.

A garage door repairs technician can also help you find any flaws associated with your garage doors and do the necessary steps to make them energy efficient. These tips would suffice to bring down your monthly energy expenses.