4 Telltale Signs That You Need a New Garage Door

As a homeowner you understand the importance of a fully functional garage door.  A garage door is part of your home’s aesthetics and if it is worn out, it devalues your home.  A functioning garage door also protects your car and other valuables against theft and the elements. It also provides easy access to the house. Garage doors are prone to malfunction due to the weight and complicated opening mechanism.

Garage door replacement could be a good idea if the device is regularly malfunctioning. A faulty door is risky to operate and also can deplete your finances during garage door repair.  Here are some warning signs it is time to replace your garage door:

  1. Poor security rating: it is important to hire a garage door service company to inspect the door’s safety and security. If the reverse mechanism is not working you need to replace the electric opener with the latest safety technology to protect your family.
  2. Regular breakdowns: Repairing a garage door is expensive and any garage doors Kansas City service will advise you to replace the device if is regularly breaking down. Many new door systems come with lifetime warranties because they are sturdy and easier to operate.
  3. Noise and slowness: These are serious warning signs because the springs might be weak or the door could be out-of-track. Due to exposure to the elements, different parts will wear out leading to poor performance. If your door exhibits these signs, it is time for an overhaul.
  4. Broken panels: If the door panels are damaged it is highly likely the door is already past its life.

Talk to a garage door expert for any type of door installation including commercial overhead doors.  These experts have the skills and resources to replace your door with premium products in the market.