Readying Your Garage Door For Summer

June has been regarded as “Garage Door Safety Month” and is also the time when garage doors can take the maximum hit. According to the US Consumer Safety Product Commission, more than 30,000 residents are non-fatally shocked from electrical systems every year. [*Source URL:]. These are just the cases that go reported but there are several more that cause little injury and don’t need professional medical attention.

The garage door must be considered as a movable wall that is operated by electric openers. The openers are also among the most dangerous elements in the whole installation. Generally, garage doors weighing more than 400 pounds are more at risk of injuring users. The risk factor doubles when you have kids and curious pets at home. A faulty or an improper garage door run by electric openers will exert heavy force during operation and can even cause fatalities. Frequency of injuries can be higher in the Summer due to more foot traffic in and out of the garage.

So what do you need to do? To ensure a completely trouble free operation, you should always get it inspected by a garage door repair professional. Finding a local garage door service provider in Kansas City is easy but you need to ensure they have the experience, tools and the necessary certifications. As a rule of thumb, a pre-check before the summer is the best annual maintenance run you can opt for. So tune up and keep everybody out of harm’s way. An ignored garage door repair will cost you a lot more in the longer run.