Is It Time For Garage Door Service And Repair?

Frankly, no one wants to burn a hole in their pocket for every creak of their garage door, so what is one supposed to do in case their garage door is acting up? If your door isn’t seriously damaged then getting a new one is out of the question, the only viable option is to get an excellent garage door service and repair.

Here are few signs that indicate your garage door needs servicing and repair:

Creaky noises – in due course, garage doors are likely to make loud noises, and this is quite normal. However, if you observe strange squeaky noises, extreme cracking, or straining, then perhaps it’s time to schedule your garage door’s repair.

Lagging – Your garage door should open/close shortly after the door opener button is pressed. If you observe some lagging, then you must schedule garage door repair or garage door opener repair.

Door is off track – In case your garage door has come off its tracks and has failed to operate appropriately then a service is in order. Usually, this occurs when the garage door is damaged.

Frequent breakdowns – If you are frequently facing trouble while opening or closing the garage door, then it’s a clear sign that it needs servicing.

Door is off balance – At times, structural issues like off balance doors are overlooked, however they are rather serious. To test your door’s balance, disconnect the garage door opener and then manually open it halfway, if it doesn’t stay static then it’s time to get it serviced.

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