Differing Types of Garage Doors to Choose From

When it comes to selecting a commercial garage door, you have several options.  You will need to select the one that works best for you.

  • Rolling Steel and Rolling Sheet Garage Doors – These are great if the environment is demanding since they provide maximum security and durability with the least amount of maintenance. If you have limited backroom, these will work best since they can easily be placed into tight spaces that would not be ideal for sectional doors.  They are made of interlocking slats which are wound around a barrel as they open.  Counter shutters and service doors usually fall under this category.
  • Sectional doors – These garage doors Kansas City work well if you are concerned about security, thermal efficiency and budget friendliness. They are ideal if you need windows to bring in light and enhance visibility.  Additionally, they tend to be aesthetically pleasing. They tend to operate quietly but will require the necessary headroom or backroom.  These Commercial overhead doors can be designed as raised panel doors, thermal, aluminum full view or ribbed doors.
  • Traffic doors – These are made of a high strength fabric and not just metal. They work like a rolling door but at a higher speed and will reset themselves.
  • Fire doors – These are usually put in particular settings or facilities where having a fire door is a requirement.  It works with the alarm system to trigger it to shut or if it has a fusible link release, the door will automatically release and shut if the temperature reaches 165°F.  Should you notice a problem with this door, call in a professional garage door repair company. Trying to do it yourself without the expertise required, is never recommended.