Love Your Home with a Custom Garage Door

The decision to replace your current garage door can be fun when considering the curb appeal of your home. Maybe you can’t out do the person who lights up the whole neighborhood in December, but you can light up your home for the other eleven months of the year. This is how a custom garage door can help. Here is a list, with descriptions of the most popular residential garage door styles right now. It may not be stated on every door option below, but all are available with various window and color options.


Traditional steel garage door designs have been around for decades; you’ve seen them. These steel doors have choices of Short panel, Long panel and Flush panel. Short panel has essentially four squares on each section of a single-car door and eight squares for a double-car door. Long panel has two rectangles on a single-car and four on double-car door. A Flush panel does not have a stamped design. All of these options can feature upgrades with windows and special colors.

Carriage House

A Carriage House steel garage door gives the appearance of a door that swings open. This is most often accomplished by decorative handles; you can also add decorative hinges. These doors open vertically like any other sectional door. This type of door is available through most manufactures with similar design options. Here are some more custom carriage house doors below:

  • Amarr® Classica®: The Classica® is a unique stamped steel carriage house garage door. It comes with three sections for a seven foot tall or eight foot tall door, while most garage doors come with four or five sections depending on the standard height. This means the design is not chopped up as much, achieving a more authentic looking carriage house door. The optional windows are essentially a third of the door vs quarter of the door, all leading to more detail being exposed from further down the road. Additionally, there is a stamped arched top section option if you choose to not have windows. If you don’t quite have the budget for this specialty door, the DELDEN® Vintage model achieves the elegant carriage house look while still remaining a low maintenance product.
  • Steel-Overlay: A Steel-Overlay garage door is a low maintenance steel door with applied design trim. The design trim may be available in different types depending on the manufacturer. The DELDEN® Deltrim™ Collection has options of stain-grade red cedar, medium maintenance pre-engineered wood or a low maintenance PVC trim. The Deltrim™ is also an extension of Delden Manufacturing’s “Your Home Your Design” garage door collections.
  • Custom Wood: A custom wood garage door is typically built on a base door with applied tongue-and-groove cedar completely overlaying the surface of the base. After this is completed, a custom design is laid over the top, similar to an overlay door. Various wood species are often available with this product, with red cedar being the most affordable. However, those in the market for a custom wood garage door are not typically concerned as much about the price. The customer also understands that maintenance will be required since the wood product is exposed to the outside elements. Custom Wood garage doors are the second option, and completion of the DELDEN® “Your Home Your Design” custom collections.


The garage door trend is currently leading towards contemporary doors. This often includes more glass on the door. You can go with a full-view door that is built with glass panels on an aluminum frame. You often see these at restaurants and bars. If you want a contemporary look without spending the money for a full-view door, you can add a vertical row of glass panels to a traditional Flush panel steel door. Additionally, you can add glass panels anywhere on the door, achieving a custom look. DELDEN® and Haas Door® have good options to choose from for this. Some people even choose a Flush panel traditional door for a “contemporary” look, with no windows. A full circle, just like fashion.

In this article, we learned what the most current trends are in the garage door market. This should help when evaluating what look would be the best choice to bring out the architectural curb appeal of your unique home. Many manufacturers have a visualization tool available for you to insert a picture of your home, then superimpose their product on your house, to get a true picture. This will help you love your garage door, because only the best will do for the home where you raise your family.