Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Home

Choosing your garage door is no longer considered something secondary. There are quite a few factors to consider, the primary of which include basic material, price and style. Garage doors come in different types and are priced accordingly ranging from basic stock offerings to architecturally perfected custom doors. Here are some things to keep in mind when you choose a garage door for your home.

For Stock Doors

A basic steel garage door comes without windows and with limited panel designs. Each upgrade you make from here on affects the price of your door. These upgrades can include insulation properties, steel thickness, and the construction of your door [single-layer (steel), double-layer (steel + insulation), triple-layer (steel + insulation + steel)] along with the extent to which you customize your selection.

For Semi-Custom Doors

For this style, home owners get to select from a larger variety of panel designs, including carriage-styles, to create a door that will best suit their home. There are more types available in this range compared to stock doors. On the low end, you have a variety of solid colors to choose from as well as woodgrain colors in low-maintenance steel. On the high end, you have three-section tall designs, instead of hour, to help deliver a more authentic carriage house look or low-maintenance overlay designs with custom options.

For Custom  Doors

Custom Wood doors start with a 1 ¼” styrene-insulated sub-panel. Standard wood species for design base and overlay is Select-grade Tight-Knot Cedar. Additional wood species are available upon request. These garage doors are made of high-quality materials and can greatly enhance your home’s design quality. If you want a custom door, you can have plans for the door architecturally drawn and sent to the manufacturing line. Additionally, Full-view doors continue to grow in popularity, helping bring the outdoors into your home.