4 Simple Garage Door Maintenance Tips you Need to Know

Routine maintenance of garage doors barely occupies the ‘To-Do’ list of anyone. But to make them function properly for many years, they have to be inspected regularly. Here are a few maintenance tips you could follow to extend the life of your garage doors.

  1. Lubrication: There are a few things to keep in mind while lubricating a noisy garage door. It is not suggested to use a WD-40 lubricant, but instead experts recommend using only a lithium spray for lubricating garage doors.
  1. Proper Cleaning: If your garage door is noisy, one must not spray any lubricant on the garage door track. This is due to the fact that lubricants can attract particulate matter and eventually cause it to malfunction. Instead of lubrication, clean the inside area of the track properly using a dry cloth.
  1. Realignment of Door Sensors: If the garage door sensors don’t function properly, it means that they must probably be realigned. Realignment should be done in such a way that both the sensors are in a position where they face each other.
  1. Weather Seals: Weather seals are a useful accessory as they help to prevent the entry of moisture into the garage. This way, residents can save enough energy. Weather seals are to be applied at the bottom part of the door and around the garage door frame.

There you go! Executing these 4 simple tips to maintain your garage doors can aid in the proper functioning of them for many years to come.