Tips: Finding the Garage Door that Matches the Style of your Home

Garage doors are best additions for homes, both in terms of form and functionality. They have the ability to enhance the curb appeal of your home. It is also estimated that installation of garage doors can provide you over 90% returns on your investment. Installing a good quality garage door is one, but the real key is finding the best installers in your area. Let’s find out how to choose one that matches the style of your home.

1. Victorian & Cottage Country Homes

For those owning a Victorian and cottage country home, choose a door that’s rich in details such as overlays, texture and more. There must be several garage door models which could be recommended by garage door experts. For this type of architecture, carriage-house doors could be ideal.

2. Modern & Contemporary Homes

For homes of this kind, it is best to look out for doors possessing attractive glass panels and clean lines. Contemporary garage door models can easily match and leverage the look of your homes. Remember to avoid visible hardware as modern homes have only minimal decorative details.

3. Colonial Bungalow Homes

Raised ranch and colonial bungalow are the two most popular type of homes found in America. There are different garage door models that go in line with these types. Choose the right garage door that has few details including texture and raised panels. Add a little more style with symmetrical windows.

A garage door expert can walk you through the various garage door models available in the market. Choose a garage door wisely that is unique, beautiful and complimentary to the style of your home.