Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Doors

Your garage doors play a major role in keeping your car and home safe and secure. Due to exposure to extreme outdoor conditions, it is inevitable that a garage door repair will be necessary at any given time. However, you may prolong the smooth and noise-free performance of your commercial overhead doors by performing these simple maintenance tricks that will defer any professional garage door services:

  1. Checking Springs Regularly

Springs play a significant role in ensuring your garage doors work smoothly and efficiently. Adverse weather and environmental conditions can cause the spring to rust and break easily. A simple visual inspection during the spring will be of great help to preempt unexpected closing or opening of your garage doors that can cause property damage and even accidents.

  1. Exercise the Sensors

If you have been on an extended vacation and your garage doors were left immobilized, it is best to use it again to check its functionality. You can do this by continuously opening and closing your garage doors using its sensors or remote control. The last thing you want is not being able to get in or out of your garage due to defective door sensors.

  1. Lubricate Rollers and Hinges

The most common causes of squeaky garage doors are hinges and rollers that were not lubricated properly. If a small amount of lithium-based lubrication is not done on a regular basis, having noisy doors is the least problem you’ll encounter. Unlubricated door parts have a higher possibility of getting damaged due to friction.

If you have done these simple tricks and yet similar problems persist, do not hesitate to ask for experts help. Contact professional service providers that can fix your garage door today.