Four Reasons That Prove DIY Garage Door Repair Can Be Highly Risky

Garage doors need professional repair services at the right time. While your inner DIY spirit or the desire to save some money can make you think otherwise, consider the following hazards that may arise when you do not avail professional assistance.

Torsion springs can hit you hard

Garage door spring systems can be of two types: torsion and extension system. Torsion springs are more common and reliable but they can be dangerous if mishandled. The spring stores extreme tension and can cause serious harm to a person who has not been trained by a professional garage door technician.

Lack of safety from use of the wrong tools

More than often, garage door repair in Springfield needs special tools. Use of the wrong tools can lead to door damage, permanent damage for the tool and in the worst case it can also lead to a serious injury for the homeowner.

Loss of more money and time

The most common result of not using professional help for Springfield garage door repair is irrevocable damage to the door. Obviously, this leads to loss of time, effort and a huge sum of money.

Crashing the hefty door

Steel garage doors can weigh over a hundred pounds easily. Crashing a garage door through DIY repair has happened in the past and the resulting damage has been huge. When your garage door comes crashing down, you could hurt yourself, a family member or your pet. Also, it causes significant damage to the door and floor beneath.