The Best Garage Door Trends for 2017

Garage doors in Springfield play a very important role in adding to the curb appeal of a home. They make your space more livable and they are very functional too. As a new year unwraps it may be the right time to consider investing in a new garage door. Before you go ahead and find the right company for the installation of garage doors in Springfield, here are some interesting garage door trends to learn.

Steel garage doors dominate the market

Steel garage doors are the hot favorite for most homeowners. Going forward, new patterns and designs in these doors will take the limelight. Ask your installer for more options. For instance, you can try to integrate glass options into the classic carriage style garage doors.

Curb appeal matters

Lately, homeowners have been choosing custom options for their garage doors. The main reason behind this is to have the freedom for more creative expression and elaborate designing. After all, garage doors can account for over 50% of the curb appeal for your home.

Energy efficiency

Not having your garage doors insulated can cost you money. Insulation is a must and offers considerable savings. More and more home owners are expected to opt for insulation options in the upcoming years.

Technology-enabled garage doors

Tech based improvements for operating garage doors are on the rise. Ease of use and enhanced convenience are two major factors influencing the advancement of technology in this field.