4 Major Garage Door Problems that Call for Immediate Repairs

Garage doors form an important part of any home. This large fixture is part of your home’s exterior décor and when it is operating optimally your valuables are safe in the garage. Due to the size of the device and exposure to the elements it is common for it to develop mechanical problems.

If your garage door is malfunctioning you should never try DIY but instead you should call a garage doors Kansas City service for immediate inspection and repairs. Some of the common technical problems that necessitate professional garage door repair include:

  1. Broken torsion springs : This is a common problem due to the weight of the door. If a spring snaps never try to operate the door. A certified technician carries out diagnostic tests and replaces the broken springs with premium parts.
  2. Misaligned/blocked photo eye : The photo eye is a legal requirement for every garage door made after 1993. It is a part of safety measure that reverses the device in case there is an obstruction on the path. This prevents accidents which could lead to fatalities and property damage.
  3. Out-of-track door : This is an accident waiting to happen because the door could crash down any time. What’s more a warped track will puts pressure on other residential and commercial overhead door parts thus damaging them. A qualified technician has the tools to repair the bent track and align the door. The process also involves testing the safety mechanism.

These are just a few of the common problems. If your garage door can’t open don’t try to force it. Call an expert garage door repair service in the city for professional inspection and repair.